TCMPF is the apex body in the 3 tier system of Dairy Co-operative. It was established on 01.02.1981 and took over all the commercial activities such as milk procurement, processing, packing and marketing of milk and milk products from the Tamil Nadu Dairy Development Corporation which was till then handling the above functions. The Headquarters of the TCMPF is located at Aavin Illam, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai and overall management of the Federation vests with the elected Board of Directors of the Federation. The present Board assumed charge on 17.07.2013. The day to day administration of the Federation is looked after by the Managing Director.


The Federation lifts milk from various District Unions and markets the milk in Chennai Metro fulfilling the demand of milk consumers.


The Federation provides necessary technical support to the Unions, including marketing assistance. There are three milk dairies at Madhavaram, Ambattur and Sholinganallur, one milk product dairy at Ambattur and one dairy cum powder plant at Tiruvannamalai functioning under the control of the Federation. The approved cadre strength of the TCMPF is furnished below:


TCMPF Administration

Cadre Strength:

S. No. Name of the Post Cadre Strength
1 Managing Director 1
2 Joint Managing Director 1
3 Chief Vigilance Officer 1
4 General Manager 9
5 Deputy General Manager 24
6 Assistant General Manager 60
7 Manager 108
8 Deputy Manager 173
9 Executive 448
10 Driver 234
11 Technical Staff & Helper 1,031
  TOTAL 2,090



Madhavaram Dairy:


The Madhavaram Dairy is the oldest dairy established in Tamil Nadu to handle 50,000 litres of milk per day under Colombo Plan in 1962 with the assistance of New Zealand Government.


The handling capacity has been increased to 5 LLPD by strengthening the infrastructure at a cost of Rs.7 crore in the last six years.


Further, Madhavaram Dairy distributes milk to consumers of North Chennai through 47 hired route vehicles, 23 private agency vehicles and 3 Federation milk routes.


This Dairy has been certified with IS/ISO 9001:2008, IS 15000:1998 (HACCP) and IS/ISO 14001:2004(EMS). The milk cold room facilities will be strengthened, during 2018-19 to ensure the quality of the milk.



Ambattur Dairy:


The Ambattur Dairy was installed with a capacity of 2 LLPD in the year 1976.The handling capacity has been increased to 5 LLPD by strengthening of infrastructure at a cost of Rs.7.5 crore in the last six years to meet out the increased demand of consumers of Central Chennai.


Further, Ambattur Dairy supplies milk to consumers of Central Chennai through 45 hired route vehicles, 33 private agency vehicles, 5 milk Consumer Co-operative Society (MCCS) milk routes and 7 Federation milk routes.


This Dairy has been certified with ISO 9001:2008, IS 15000:1998 (HACCP) and IS/ISO 14001:2004(EMS). The milk cold room facilities will be strengthened during the current year.

The expansion works of effluent treatment plant capacity from 4 LLPD to 7 LLPD has been completed.


Sholinganallur Dairy:


The Sholinganallur Dairy, the first automated dairy in South India was set up in 1996, with an installed capacity of 4 LLPD. The plant was initially designed for bulk milk despatch in milk tankers to the tune of 3.50 LLPD for milk vending booths and 50,000 litre as sachet milk. Subsequently, to cater to the changing market scenario and demand, bulk despatch was switched over to sachet milk in a phased manner and the dairy is now handling 4.50 lakh litre of milk per day.


During the last seven (2011-18) years, the handling capacity of this dairy has been increased to 6 LLPD by strengthening the infrastructure at the cost of Rs.10 crore to meet the increased demand of South Chennai and its peripheral consumers.


Further, Sholinganallur Dairy supplies milk to consumers of South Chennai through 40 hired route vehicles, 44 private agency vehicles, 4 milk Consumer Co-operative Society (MCCS) milk routes and 5 Federation milk routes.


Further, installation of Concentrated Solar Thermal System (CST) for generating steam of 1,000 – 1,100 kg per day at a cost of Rs.100 lakh replacing usage of furnace oil to the tune of 100 – 110 litres per day has resulted in savings of Rs.12 lakh per annum. This Dairy is certified with IS/ISO 9001:2008, IS 15000:1998 (HACCP) and IS/ISO 14001: 2004(EMS).


The expansion works of effluent treatment plant capacity from 4.5 LLPD to 7 LLPD is under progress.


Tiruvannamalai Dairy Cum Powder Plant (DCCP):


A Dairy Cum Powder Plant with a handling capacity of 2 lakh litre of milk per day and powder plant capacity of 20 MT per day was established on 11.11.2014 at Ammapalayam Village in Tiruvannamalai district as a unit of TCMPF at a total cost of Rs.72.60 crore by availing financial assistance from NABARD.


An additional godown at a cost of Rs.476.50 lakh for storage of 250 MT of butter, 500 MT of Milk powder has been constructed recently along with conveyor arrangement for loading and unloading of SMP. This Dairy has been certified with ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS). In the year 2017-18 ghee manufacturing has been started in this dairy.


Ambattur Products Dairy:


The Products Dairy at Ambattur supplies wide range of Milk Products and its by-products to the consumers in the Greater Chennai.


The Products Dairy also ensures availability of fresh and quality products at all the outlets in the Market.


The quality of the products and by-products is assured by means of adopting ISO (International Standards Organization), FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) procedures.


The erstwhile Products Dairy functioning since 1976 at Ayanavaram, was shifted to Ambattur in 2003 and a new product dairy at Ambattur was established at a cost of Rs.23.46 crore. This new plant has the capacity to manufacture 15,000 litre of Ice cream and 1000 kg of Paneer per day.


In the same premises, 40,000 litre per day capacity fermented products unit (curd, buttermilk, lassi, etc) was established at a cost of Rs.9.18 crore, and commissioned by the Honorable Chief Minister on 21.09.2016.


At present, 60 numbers of milk products in 117 variants are being produced at Ambattur Products dairy and supplied to retail outlets through 28 contract vehicles and 5 refrigerated vehicles. Ice cream and few other milk products are also distributed through 3 refrigerated vehicles to all districts in the State.


Three more refrigerated vehicles have been added to the fleet at a cost of Rs.81.00 lakh and the same was flagged off by the Honourable Minister of Dairy Development on 19.05.2017 for the transportation of ice cream items to the District unions. On 19.04.2017, Aavin introduced curd in ½ kg sachet for the benefits of Metro consumers. Subsequently, 1 kg premium curd and Rasgulla were introduced in the market on 27.06.2017. Grape duet, Mango cone, Strawberry cone and two in one bar ice cream items were introduced on 08.09.2017.


Following new variants have been introduced on 20.04.2018:

  1. Paneer – ½ kg and 1kg pack
  1. Premium curd in 400gm cup
  1. Chocolate Ripple ice cream 500ml
  1. Strawberry Ripple ice cream 500ml
  1. Sugar free kulfi 70ml
  1. Sugar free ice cream 100ml (Vanilla)

It is proposed to produce new chocolate varieties, Cookies, tin packed Rasgulla and Gulabjamun and long shelf life khoa to cater to the needs of consumers.

Trial production is being carried out for developing the following new products:

  1. Diet yoghurt in various flavour and Sugar free Yoghurt
  2. Kulfi in various flavour and Sugar free Kulfi
  3. Whey Drink in various flavour


An aggressive marketing campaign has enabled the Federation to meet the Ice cream sales target of 10,000 litres per day from an average despatch of 6,000 LPD.


Range of Aavin Milk Products:


Sweets Ice cream
and others
Sugared Khoa Ice cream cups, family Yoghurt Paneer
Dates Khoa packs (Bricks, bowls) Curd sachets Others
Mysorepa Cassata Spl.Curd in cups Unsugared Khoa
Long life Ball Ice cream Lassi in sachets Milk chocolate
Gulabjamun Chocobar Butter milk in Nutties Chocolate
Milk Peda Mango Duet sachets Flavoured milk
  Pineapple Duet Bucket curd  
  Grape duet Probiotic Curd  
  Two in one bar Probiotic Lassi  
  Strawberry cone    
  Mango cone    
  Choco feast    
  Chocolate cone    
  Vanilla cone    
  Classic Cone    
  Kulfi Bar    
  Ice Candies    
  Premium ice cream in    
  Premium ice cream in    
  Ice candies (6 variants)