Primary MPCS


The basic requirement to form a Primary Milk Producers Cooperative Society is at least 25 independent milk producers residing in the area of operation of the proposed society.


There are 12,585 Primary Milk Co-operative Societies at village level, out of which 2,075 are exclusive Women Milk Producers Co-operative Societies. These primary milk co-operative societies procure around 38 lakh litre of milk per day from their members and after selling around 4.5 LLPD locally, the remaining quantum of milk is sent to the district unions and Metro dairies.


The Primary Milk Producers Cooperative Societies are paid with remunerative prices based on the quality of milk procured from the farmers. The current procurement price for cow milk and buffalo milk is Rs.28 and Rs.35 per litre respectively. The societies are sharing the profit with the milk producers.



Action taken on reviving the dormant societies:

There are 3,831 dormant Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies. Efforts are being taken to revive 518 dormant Milk Producers’ Co-operative Societies within 2 years and to facilitate formation of new Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies in lieu of dormant societies which are dormant for more than 2 years.


Action has been taken to supply cattle feed, mineral mixture and 2 milk cans for each society at subsidized rate. It is also to increase the number of milch animals by facilitating with banks to issue loans to the milk producers to purchase milch animals with subsidy under Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme (DEDS) and other Governmental schemes. During 2018-19 milch animal loan amounting to Rs.45.18 crore were given to 7606 milk producer members for the purchase of 10463 milch animals.


Efforts have been taken to attract the milk producers who are now pouring milk to private parties, by ensuring instant payment of milk cost based on the quality of milk. 


By implementing all the above measures, the Dairy Development Department is aiming to revive all the dormant Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies in a phased manner, thereby increasing milk production.





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