• This Dairy is located at Sholinganallur on Old Mamallapuram Road (Rajiv Gandhi Salai).


  • Sholinganallur Dairy was established during the year 1994 under apex body of TCMPF Ltd., with milk processing capacity of 4 lakh liters per day to cater the South Chennai consumers.


  • The Dairy was constructed and commissioned by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) at a cost of Rs.24.80 crores and handed over to TCMPF Ltd., by NDDB on 01.05.1996 with 40,000 Liters of milk handling per day for AVM (Automatic Vending Machine) supply only. Now Sholinganallur Dairy is handling an average quantity of 4.8 to 5.1 LLPD.


  • This is South-East Asia’s first process Automated Dairy.
    • The technology uses PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and provided with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system.


    • The automation system has been provided with hot standby PLC which takes over the control if the primary fails.  




  • As the process is fully automated the CIP (Cleaning In Place) process is very effective, resulting in consistency of finished product quality.


  • This Dairy is certified with QMS/HACCP IS/ISO 9001:2015 & 15000:2013, 22000: 2005 / FSSC – 22000 and IS/ISO 14001: 2015(EMS).


  • The handling capacity of this dairy has been increased to 5 LLPD by strengthening the infrastructure to meet the increased demand of South Chennai and its peripheral consumers.



Four types of liquid milk presently marketed from SNR Dairy:


  • Toned Milk (TM) 500ml - Aavin Nice -Blue colour sachet - Fat - 3.0%, SNF -8.5%, Card Price – Rs.18.50, MRP. Rs.20.00


  • Standardized Milk(SM) 500ml - Aavin Green Magic - Green colour Sachet, Fat - 4.5%, SNF - 8.5%, Card Price – Rs.21.00 ,MRP. Rs.22.00


  • Full cream Milk(FCM) 500ml - Aavin Premium - Orange colour Sachet, Fat - 6.0% , SNF - 9.0% Card Price – Rs.23.00 , MRP. Rs.24.00


  • Double Toned Milk(DTM) 500ml - Aavin Diet - Magenda colour - Fat - 1.5% , SNF - 9.0% Card Price – Rs.18.00 , MRP. Rs.18.50


  • Standardized Milk(SM) 5 liters - Aavin Green Magic - Green colour Sachet - Fat - 4.5%, SNF -    8.5%, MRP. Rs.210.00


  • Standardized Milk(SM) 225ml - Aavin Mini Magic - Green colour Sachet -Fat - 4.5%, SNF - 8.5%, Card Price – Rs.10.50 MRP. Rs.11.00.


  • Further, Sholinganallur Dairy supplies milk to consumers of South Chennai through 56 hired route vehicles, 69 private agency vehicles, 3 milk Consumer Co-operative Society (MCCS) milk routes.


  • Up-gradation Work - IRS (Integrated refrigeration System) and STP are works in progress


  • A hi–tech parlour is functioning at the entrance of the dairy. 


UHT Plant:






  • In our Sholinganallur Dairy, We Produced 90 days self-life Milk with flexi Pouches Supplied to consumers with the Aseptic Packing Machine of UHT Plant.