National programme on Dairy Development (NPDD)

National Programme on Dairy Development (NPDD)


This is a central sector scheme. The scheme envisages developing infrastructure at the grass root level related to production, procurement, processing and marketing of milk by district unions/ Federation and also extension activities including training of farmers.


The main objectives of the schemes are,


  1. Create and strengthen infrastructure for production of quality milk including cold chain infrastructure linking the farmers to the consumers.
  2. Create and strengthen infrastructure for procurement, processing and marketing of milk.
  3. Create infrastructure for training of dairy farmers.
  4. Strengthen dairy cooperatives/ Producers’ companies in villages.
  5. Increase milk production by providing Technical Input Services like cattle feed, minerals and so on.
  6. Assist in rehabilitation of potentially viable Milk Federations / Milk Unions.


The scheme is being implemented since 2014-2015. A sum of Rs.81.61 crore has been sanctioned till 2018-2019. Out of central share of Rs.48.68 crore, Rs 37.14 crore has been released so far.


Some of the major infrastructure commissioned under NPDD include, a new processing plant in Padalur with a capacity to process one lakh litres per day, a new milk condensing plant with a capacity to condense one lakh litre per day in Madurai dairy. Besides, Bulk milk coolers, Data processing milk collection Units and Automatic Milk collection units are being commissioned in all district unions, to improve the chilling facilities at the village level, and to strengthen the quality milk procurement facilities.


The chilling capacity of the existing BMCs will be increased from 15.94 LLPD to 18.12 LLPD, during the year 2019-2020 with the financial assistance under NPDD scheme.


New proposals for detecting adulterants in milk, strengthening infrastructure in metro and district unions have been submitted for the year 2019-2020 at a total financial outlay of Rs.55 crore.