Dairy Development Department

The head of the department is the Director of Milk Production and Dairy Development (DMPDD). The DMPDD is also functioning as the ex-officio Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (TCMPF) and as the Registrar of all the 3 tier milk co-operatives. The Director is vested with the powers of Registrar in discharging the statutory functions under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act, 1983 (TNCS Act) and Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Rules, 1988 (TNCS Rules). The Deputy Milk Commissioner at Head Office is assisting the Director of Milk Production and Dairy Development both in carrying out the administrative and statutory functions.

There are 29 circle Deputy Registrars (Dairying) functioning in the State who are carrying out the administrative and statutory functions at the district level as per the powers delegated by the TNCS Act, 1983 and TNCS Rules, 1988. The Department has cadre strength of 805 employees including field staff.



Milk Co-operatives


The management of the dairy cooperatives is vested with the Board of Directors, democratically elected from among the members of the society. The elections are conducted according to the provisions of Tamil Nadu Cooperative Societies Act, 1983 and Rules 1988, as and when the 5 year term of Board expires.

As the 5 year term of the existing Board expired during April 2018, election process initiated in 4 stages to constitute the new Board. The 1st stage of election was completed and new elected Board in 1,663 societies assumed charge on 09.04.2018 and further process was stopped based on court orders. The further process will be completed once the legal issues are resolved.

However, to manage the day to day affairs of the societies especially for making milk cost payment to the milk producers without any difficulty, the departmental officers were authorized to operate the bank accounts of the society jointly with the staff of the society.

Following are the three levels of Milk Producers Cooperative Societies in the State:

  1. Milk Producers Society at the village level (MPCS)
  2. Milk unions at the district level (DCMPU)
  3. Federation at State level (TCMPF / AAVIN)


Three tier structure of Dairy Cooperatives


Village level

25 members from a village can form a Primary Milk Producers Cooperative Society (MPCS). This is the base level of the 3 tier system which procures milk from the milk producing members and supply the milk to District Unions with which they are affiliated as members.


District level

The District Cooperative Milk Producers Unions (DCMPU) are the intermediary Societies at District level and the village level MPCS functioning in the jurisdiction of the respective unions. The Unions procure surplus milk from the MPCS, process and market it to the consumers and send the surplus milk to Chennai Metro Dairies / Feeder Balancing Dairies for sale/conversion.


State level

Tamil Nadu Cooperative apex Milk Producers Federation is the State level society wherein all the District Cooperative Milk Producers Unions are members. The Federation is marketing the milk and milk products in the brand name of “Aavin”.