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Domestic Markets in the State


  • The prerequisite for success in marketing is to ensure availability of products in places frequented  by  large  number  of  people. Keeping  this  in  view,  Aavin products  are being sold in major stores and super markets like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh etc. Further efforts are on to persuade similar format stores situated in Metro.
  • Realizing the popularity of free home delivery of products, Aavin has entered on a tie-up with online companies like Big Basket and Grofers.
  • Aavin is considering appointing of super stockists/ carrying and forwarding agents (C&F) for its fermented products like curd, buttermilk, lassi, yoghurt, paneer etc.
  • The number of FROs in Chennai Metro and its suburbs will be increased to strengthen the supply network.
  • 3 mobile parlours have been launched for sale of milk products.
  • It has been planned to open more number of Aavin outlets in colleges, schools etc.
  • An exclusive Aavin e-commerce platform will be developed through which the business enquiries, bulk orders will be obtained.


Domestic Marketing:


  1. Aavin endeavors to sell milk and milk products at most reasonable prices to its customers.
  2. Aavin brands act as a price control mechanism for controlling the market price of milk and milk products.
  3. Aavin has taken up vigorous marketing activities to develop its retailer base in the State. Accordingly it is planned to induct more number of retailers for selling aavin milk and milk products extensively.
  4. It has been proposed to devise a new advertisement & publicity policy for aavin milk and milk products in various media and social websites to attract the younger generation.
  5. A detailed market study will be undertaken to identify consumer preference of milk products based on which new range of products will be introduced in the market.
  6. Marketing personnel are trained on consumer behavior, consumer awareness, consumer satisfaction to serve the consumer in a better manner.
  7. Dairy visits are permitted for School/College students with an aim to inculcate the goodness of aavin.
  8. Professional advertising consultants have been appointed to suggest the concept and design for advertisement of aavin milk and milk products.
  9. Attractive seasonal offers and discounts on milk and milk products will be given to promote the sale of Aavin products.


Milk Sales in Chennai Metro


The TCMPF Limited is responsible for marketing of milk and milk products in Chennai Metro and its suburban areas. Aavin is the largest selling brand in Chennai Metro. During 2018-2019 an average 12.09 lakh litre of milk has been sold per day in Chennai Metro, which is higher by 18,000 litres per day compared to the previous year.


It is proposed to increase the metro milk sale to 13.00 LLPD during the year 2019-2020.


Chennai Metro Sales :-( In LLPD)


Sl. No Particular 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 % of growth


Metro  Milk Sales







Selling Price of Milk


Infrastructure available for marketing in metro


Aavin range of products continues to be popular among the metro consumers. To market its products Federation has created a well knit network to supply milk and milk products to every household.


Marketing Network details:



Infrastructure 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019


Distribution Routes








Zonal Offices








Milk Depots








Delivery Points
















Milk Whole Sale Distributors








Milk Consumers’ Co-operative Societies (MCCS)








Franchise Retail Outlets








Products Distribution Routes










Product Sales in Upcountry Markets


  • Due to the large volume of Ghee, Butter and SMP being consumed in Northern & Eastern part of the country, the Federation had operated branches till 2007-2008 all over the country but all operations ceased from 2008 due to continuous milk shortage all over the country for several years. Now faced with plenty, it is only appropriate to ensure visibility of Aavin all over the country, and dispose the products which are accumulated every day. Hence WSDs are being appointed in every state.
  • WSDs have been appointed in various states namely  Rajasthan,  Delhi,  North  Eastern States (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram,    Sikkim, Nagaland,    Tripura, Meghalaya), Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Andaman & Nicobar, Odisha, Uttar pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal. Process is on to appoint WSDs in the remaining states also.
  • Targets are being fixed every month for the WSDs and their performances are being monitored.
  • Sale of SMP in consumer packs (i.e., in one kg packs) commenced in Kolkata and the sale is expected to be introduced in other states shortly.
  • Manufacture of Dairy Whitener & Whole Milk Powder is being planned for producing value added products and marketing in Eastern Indian markets where there is scope for these products.


Export of Aavin Milk products


Tamil Nadu is one of the frontline States in milk production with a daily milk production of 206 lakh litres per day.


The number of private dairies and TCMPF Ltd., are selling major quantity of milk as milk and the remaining milk is converted into milk products. Some of the private dairies and TCMPF Ltd., are exporting their products in their own brands.

The milk products Exported to other countries from ports of Tamil Nadu are as follows:


Melted Butter (Ghee), Butter, Butter oil, SMP, UHT Milk, Processed Cheese, Milk Cream, Cheese, Skimmed Milk, Whey, Dry Powder, Sweetened Cream, Dairy Spreads etc.,


The value of Dairy Products of private dairies and TCMPF Ltd., exported through Tamil


Tamil Nadu Ports are as follows:




12,928 Lakhs



12,935 Lakhs


From December 2017 onwards, TCMPF Ltd., has commenced its UHT Milk exports.


TCMPF Ltd. is exporting to Singapore, Hong Kong & Qatar and total value till date is Rs 158 lakhs. Further, TCMPF Ltd., is taking all required steps to expand the export the products to other countries.

Efforts are being made to ensure that Aavin milk products are made available in large number of countries during this year. The market potential for Aavin milk products in other countries will be ascertained by arranging high level visits to various countries, participating in dairy and other food processing fairs and events abroad by putting up stalls, distributing corporate and product brochures and conducting buyers/importers meets. Export process will be commenced in the countries where the market potential is available. It will be ensured that the quality of products and packaging on par with global standards. An exclusive wing has been created in the Federation to focus on exports of milk and milk products. All these measures are expected to help Aavin propagate the brand name of Aavin at global level.


Future marketing Strategies.


  • To study the prevailing market conditions and  to  suggest  immediate  action  to increase  sales  professionally  qualified persons will be engaged on contract basis.
  • New agents/FROs are to be appointed for effective coverage of the uncovered market and to increase the sales.
  • Advertisement and sales promotional activities will be geared up to develop brand loyalty and brand image.
  • Opening of parlours at educational institutions are undertaken to improve awareness among the youngsters and to increase sales.
  • Appointment of Super stockist to cover all super   markets,   departmental   stores, institutions and caterers in Chennai Metro and suburbs.
  • Availability of Aavin products in big retailers like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Metro are carried out to boost the sale.
  • Appointment of whole sale dealer in every state.
  • Sale of SMP in consumer packs will be introduced in north eastern states.


Consumer Care and Support Cell


The Federation is operating a 24X7 consumer care and support cell (CCSC) at the Marketing office, Nandanam since 04.09.2003. CCSC is provided with a Toll Free No. 1800-425-3300. Consumers can contact the CCSC at any time for registering their complaints/ grievances. The complaints received at CCSC are immediately communicated to the section/official concerned and necessary action taken to rectify the complaint.During the year 2018-2019, totally 805 complaints were received and redressed.


Meetings are conducted with the consumers, Resident association representatives, concessionaires and whole sale distributors to know the grievances and also to get their suggestions for improving the sale performance and services of aavin. Based on the feedback, action is taken to ensure customer satisfaction and market development activities.


Goodwill gesture during flood/cyclone



During the floods that devastated the State of Kerala in August 2018, Aavin extended a helping hand by supplying Skimmed Milk Powder, Flavoured Milk, Cattle feed, Mineral Mixture to the tune of Rs.6.00 crores.


Similarly, the victims of Gaja cyclone during November 2018 in the state of Tamil Nadu were supplied with SMP, UHT milk, FM and sachet milk through civil supplies corporation for a value of Rs.12.75 crore.


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Last date for the sale of milk cards and the commencement of milk supply details

Our Zonal Offices

More than 516 milk booths in Chennai from which the milk in packed condition are being distributed / sold in the morning and in the evening.

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Card sales details

Aavin” is the one of the the popular Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federations in India which offers committed supply of milk – both packed in sachets and in loose through Booths, Automatic Vending Machines (AVM), parlours and other retail outlets.
Milk Cards are sold through our 16 zonal offices all over the city for the milk supply period-16th of current month to 15th of succeeding month. Milk cards for the period less than 30 days are also issued. Details below

zonal offices are working with out any holiday from 1st to 16 th of every month except National and festival holidays.

Milk cards are also sold through designated milk depots during 1st to 13th of every month.