QC Department





All the unit (Dairy Plant) of TCMPF Ltd. are committed to process milk received from apex co-operative societies in a clean and hygienic environment adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Safety management system


We are committed to:


  • Ensure safe to consume milk products conforming to standards by following Food Safety Management System in our activities
  • Meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements related to food safety in all our activities
  • Ensure mutually agreed food safety requirements of our customers
  • Communicate food safety aspects both internally and externally
  • Continually review and update our Food Safety Management System



Dairy under the TCMPF is committed to supply safe Milk and Milk products to the customers upto there satisfaction


  • By adopting accepted and appropriate methods and technology in procurement, processing, manufacturing packing and prompt delivery of milk and milk products.


  • Maintaining constant communication with all the parties involved in the food chain to achieve ultimate goal of supplying good quality milk and milk products.


  • By complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.





Unit shall continuously monitor, control and minimize the usage of Staple pins, Metal Clips, Sharp objects and Blades in the raw material, processing, packing and finished goods areas. Usage of maintenance tools in the raw material, processing and finished goods areas will be monitored and checked for the count before and after the activity.


Dairy will not allow wearing of any Jewellery including wrist Watches in the raw material, processing and finished goods area. If worn in specific cases, we will ensure covering of all the worn jewellery in process & packing to avoid contamination and ensure product safety.

Jewellery which are allowed on ritual basis:- Mangalsutra & Non glass Bangles




  • We at Dairy ensure that the usage of Wood shall be completely eliminated as product in-contact material like knife grips, stirrers etc.
  • Wood shall also be avoided where it is not directly coming in contact with the product as in pallets, working table etc.
  • Wood shall be used only for applications like outside Window frames, pallets in finished goods stores in safe manner.
  • No glass and hard plastic articles shall be taken out of the lab into the process hall. Samples from batch taken for analysis shall be taken only in food grade plastic containers.
  • Hardened glass / Shatterproof Safety Film shall be fixed on the entire window and door glasses in the processing area.
  • No wristwatches shall be allowed in any of the preparation or processing areas.
  • A Glass & wooden register is maintained and periodic inspection of the locations shall be carried out to ensure no contamination.
  • Wherever tube lights are located directly above open food, they shall be fitted with protective covers.





The visitors shall follow the following instructions


All visitors ought to sign at the main security gate.

The security supervisor will communicate with the concern person to confirmation the purpose of visit.

Ensure that visitor is escorted by member from Organization (if visiting Processing Area).

Visitors ought to follow the organization Food safety policy & ensure to wear personal protective equipments such as hair net, mask, apron, shoe cover or sleepers for process area visits provided by the Company if visiting processing area.

Remove / Cover loose items like watch, pen, pencil etc before entering the processing area.

Remove / Cover jewelry like necklace, bracelet, rings etc.

No use of Mobile/Cell phones inside the production area.

Wash and sanitize hands before entering production area.

Visitors with Contagious diseases are not allowed to enter production area.

Photography is not allowed inside the processing area, if required get approval from Management.

Visitors shall not touch any food products, Equipment or Machine without informing the concern person.

No outside eatable are allowed inside the Processing Area.

Chewing of Tobacco & Smoking and drinking is restricted inside the Premises of the Dairy processing area







We at Dairy Unit handling the listed allergen in the premises with unique flow, safe & secure manner.non of the allergen or non allergen products are enter in other process area throughout the organisation process.


Ensures to prevent the cross contamination of allergen through the effective awareness training program, continuous monitoring, corrective action & verification program. All employees of the organisation and associates, visitors affirm to fulfil the compliances, policies and take preventive measures during visits the premises.


Sources of Allergen contamination are under

  1. Milk & Milk Products.
  2. Soya & Soya Products
  3. Gluten
  4. Sulphites
  5. Egg
  6. Nuts (Almond, Cashew, Pista)