Dairy-herd Improvement Programme Actions (DIPA), Erode

One DIPA unit is functioning at Erode. The activities of DIPA unit are:


Progeny Testing Programme (PTP)


In order to select superior cross bred bulls for breeding milch animals, progeny testing programme is being implemented by the Federation with the financial assistance of the Government of India in Salem, Erode, Dharmapuri, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Thiruneveli DCMPUs.


Field Performance Recording Programme (FPRP)


The field performance recording programme( FPRP), is done to identify jersey cross bred cows with good milk yield and to get superior jersey cross bred bull calf by inseminating the elite cows with proven bull semen.The milk yields of the Jersey crossbred cows in the field are continuously recorded and elite cows are selected based on the milk yield. These elite cows will be inseminated with proven bull semen to produce superior cross bred bull calves. The bull calves will be supplied to the stud farm for semen production.


The FPRP is being implemented by the Federation in 8 District Unions viz. Salem, Dharmapuri, Erode, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Dindigul and Thiruneveli with the financial assistance of the Government of India. Under this programme so far 352 bull calves have been provided for frozen semen production to the four frozen semen stations under co-operative sector and Animal Husbandry Department.


Email: dgmdipa@gmail.com