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Milk Payasam
Heat 1 liter of milk and when it boils and starts to rise add 1/4 cup of raw rice. Keep in low heat with constant stirring until the quantity reduces to one-half. Add 1 cup sugar and 1/2 tsp powdered cardamom. Roast some cashewnuts(10) and raisins in ghee and add it to the payasam.


Paal Guava
Boil 1 litre milk and keep in medium heat with stirring until the quantity milk reduces considerably and begins to thicken. Use a heavy vessel for this because the milk will stick to the vessel. When it becomes into the form of a paste, add 6 tsp of granulated sugar, stir, mix and remove from stove.


Beetroot halwa
Beetroot - 1/2 kg, Sugar - 3 cups, cardamom - 6 to 8(powder it), Cashewnuts - 8,ghee - 1/2 cup milk - 1/4 cup, Water - 1/4 cup. Peel the beetroots and grate them finely. Heat ghee in a frying pan and add the cashews and after it is roasted and turns slightly golden red, add the cardamom powder and the milk. When the milk is boiled add the beetroot and stir in low heat until the beetroot is well cooked. Then add the sugar stirring constantly in low heat and cook until the mixture becomes a non-sticky paste.


Mysore Paku
gram flour - 1 cup, sugar - 2 1/2 cups, water - 1 cup, ghee - 2 1/2 cups,
baking soda - 1 pinch Mix gram flour, sugar and water smoothly.
Pour this into a pan and cook in low heat. Keep ghee in another vessel in low heat and add this ghee to the gram flour mixture in steps and with constant stirring. Do this until the mixture turns into a non-sticky paste. Add the soda when it is about to get over and stir. Grease the inside of a large bowl with ghee and pour the cooked mixture on this large bowl. When it is still hot, cut into cubical pieces by drawing parallel lines on its surface.


Apple milk shake
Apples - 1/4 kg, milk (with cream) - 2 cups, sugar - 10 tsp, water - 1 cup. Peel the apples and cut into large pieces. Remove the seeds. Beat in a mixie. Add milk, sugar and water and beat well. Add crushed ice if needed. Whip for 3 minutes


Masala Buttermilk
Add some water to sour curd and beat. To this add few chopped green chillies, few finely cut sour mango pieces, a bunch of curry leaves and salt to taste. Splutter with mustard seeds


Masala milk
milk - 1 litre, cardamoms - 4, raisins - 10, honey - 2 tsp, sugar - 6 tsp,
saffron strands or kesari powder - 1/4 tsp, date fruit - 1cashews - 10 ( cut into small bits), almonds - 4 (cut into small bits)
Boil milk well without adding water. Add all other ingredients and mix.


Sweet Lassi
To thick sweet curd, add sugar and beat in a blender. Add some crushed ice. You may also add a few drops of rose water to it.


Gulab Jamun
225gms Khoya
25gms(1/4th cup) flour
40gms (3tbsp) paneer 
6 piece of cashew nuts (cut into halves)
2 cups sugar
11/4th cup water
1 cup ghee
2tbsp rose water


Mix the khoya, flour and paneer together and form the mixture into 12 small balls.
Wrap a piece of cashewnut in each piece of mixture.
Make a one string by dissolving sugar in the water.

Heat the ghee in the kadhai. Fry the balls until golden all over.
Drain the balls on absorbent kitchen paper then immerse them in the syrup.
Leave for about 10 minutes before eating.

Sprinkle with rose water before serving.


2cups All purpose flour (maida)
11/2 tbsp. fine grained semolina or rice flour
1/4th tsp. baking powder
2tbsp curd (plain yogurt)
11/4th cups warm water

1/2 tsp. saffron threads, slowly dry-roasted and powdered
3cups sugar
22/3rd cups water
1/2 tsp green cardamom seeds powder
11/2 tbsp. kewra water or rose water
Ghee or vegetable oil for frying

Mix the flour, semolina or rice flour, baking powder, curd and 3/4th cup of the water in a bowl (preferably a ceramic bowl). Mix well with a whisk.
Mix well and then add remaining water and 1/8th tsp. of saffron powder,
and whisk until smooth.
Set aside for about 2 hours to ferment. Whisk thoroughly before use.
Prepare one string syrup by dissolving sugar in the water. Just before the syrup is ready add saffron and cardamom powder.
Heat oil in a kadhai. Pour the batter in a steady stream ( or coconut shell with a hole) into the kadhai to form coils. Make a few at a time.
Deep fry them until they are golden and crisp all over but not brown.
Remove from the kadhai and drain on kitchen paper and immerse in the syrup. Leave for at least 4-5 minutes so that they soak the syrup.
Take them out of syrup and serve hot.  

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