Sholinganallur Dairy


Sholinganallur Dairy was established during the year 1994 under apex body of TCMPF Ltd.,  with milk  processing capacity of 4 lakh liters per day to cater the

South Chennai consumers. This Dairy is located at Sholinganallur on Old Mamallapuram Road (Rajiv Gandhi Salai), at an area of 32.99 acres.  The Dairy was constructed and commissioned by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) at a cost of Rs.24.80 crores and handed over to TCMPF Ltd.,. Now Sholinganllur Dairy is handling an average quantity of 4.45 LLPD.
An outlook on the  features of Sholinganallur Dairy

  • This is South-East Asia’s first process Automated Dairy.
  • The technology uses PLC (Programmable  Logic Controller) and provided with  SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ) system.
  • The automation system has been provided with Hot standby PLC which takes over the control if the primary fails.  
  • As the process is fully automated the CIP (Cleaning In Place) process is very effective, resulting in consistency of finished product quality.
  • Certified for
  • ISO 9001:2008, EMS IS / ISO 14001: 2004,  QMS/HACCP IS/ISO 9001:2008 & 15000:1998


Sourcing of Raw Milk from various District Unions is being done by Planning section of Head Office as per the procurement trends of the respective unions. The same is being monitored by Dy. General Manager(Quality Control) of Joint Managing Director’s Office and co-ordinated on a daily basis by the respective Dy.General Manager(Production) of Metro Dairies. Allotment of milk of respective Dairies are reviewed and modified on monthly basis.

At present about 363000 liters of Mixed Milk and 57000 liters of Separated Skim Milk totaling 420000 liters is being received from various Unions.

Following varieties of milk are being prepared and supplied to Chennai city consumers daily fromSholinganallur Dairy

      • Toned Milk: 2.10 LLPD
      • Standardized Milk: 1.80 LLPD
      • Full Cream Milk: 0.53 LLPD
      • Double Toned Milk 0.02 LLPD

      Total 4.45 LLPD



  • At present Dairy capacity is 5 lakh liters per day. Now we are handling 4.5 LLPD. Further planning to increase the capacity of Dairy to 6 LLPD.

  • This Dairy is initially designed for 6 lakh liters of Milk holding capacity, subsequently upgraded to a Storage Capacity of 8.0 lakh liters (8 silos each 1 lakh liters holding capacity)

  • At present 3 milk Pasteurizers and Homogenizers of 20 KLPH each are being used for pasteurization and homogenization of milk for the present marketing quantity of 4.5 lakh liters per day. The finished products are being packed in pouches using the 7 Nos. of high speed packing machines, 5 Nos. Mechanical machines and 1 No. of 5 liter packing machine.

  • This Dairy has a good Refrigeration system to chill the entire quantity of milk and equipped with sufficient milk cold rooms to keep the packed sachets at low temperature before being distributed to the consumers.

  • This Dairy has an Effluent Treatment Plant of capacity 4.5 LLPD  to treat the waste water and the treated waste water is partially used for gardening purpose and the balance water is treated with sand and Carbon filter which is further used for tray and floor cleaning purpose.

  • Installation of Solar concentrator for generating steam of 1000 – 1100 kg per day at a cost of Rs.120 Lakh has been installed for saving usage of furnace oil to the tune of 100 – 110 litres per day with savings of Rs.12 Lakh per annum.

  • Work on a new Ultra High Treatment (UHT) milk processing plant with flexipac filling facilities to pack 1 LLPD and expansion of existing ETP from 4 LLPD to 7 LLPD at Rs.3598 Lakh has been taken up in the premises of this dairy.



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