The Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers ’ Federation Limited (TCMPF Ltd.) is a co-operative institution registered under the Tamilnadu Co-operative Act and functioning similar to Anand pattern i.e. three tier system. The objective of the Federation is to promote the economic development of the farming community by procurement of milk from villages, processing of milk and manufacturing of milk products.

            The major activities of the Joint Managing Director ’s Unit are transporting, receiving, processing, packing and marketing of milk from Dairies situated at Madhavaram, Ambatur and Sholinganallur and milk products from Product Dairy, Ambattur.

            In TCMPF Ltd. JMD ’s Unit is functioning under the following units headed by Joint Managing Director.

      1. Joint Managing Director’s Office (JMD’s Office).
      2. Ambattur/Madhavaram/Sholinganallur Metro Milk Dairies.
      3. Product Dairy, Ambattur.
      4. Milk Marketing & Product Marketing Division, Nandanam
      5. Transport Unit
      6. Quality wing
      7. General Stores
      8. Dairy cum powder plant at TV Malai


1. JMD’s Office:

            The above mentioned units (Sl.No.2 to 8) are functioning under the control of Joint Managing Director ’s Office.

            The activities of milk and milk products, processing, production, marketing, quality and transport are controlled by the Joint Managing Director. All the materials for milk packing and by product packing and machines are purchased in the JMD ’s office by the order of the Joint Managing Director.

            Further,  the action for filling up of Technician posts required for the Metro Dairies is done at JMD ’s Office as per the orders of Head Office.


2. Ambattur / Madhavaram / Sholinganallur MetroMilk Dairies:

           From the above said three Milk Metro Dairies, 11,50,000 Lakhs Litres of milk average per day is  processed, packed  and supplied to metro marketing for sales around the Chennai and Chennai City.

            The following  four  types of milk procured and supplied.

      1. Full Cream Milk(FCM – 6% Fat, 9%SNF)
      2. Standardized Milk (SM – 4.5% Fat, 8.5% SNF)
      3. Toned Milk (TM – 3% Fat, 8.5% SNF)
      4. Double Toned Milk(DTM – 1.5% Fat, 9%SNF) and
      5. From Ambattur Dairy – Flavoured Milk is manufactured and supplied to the market for sales.


3) Product Dairy, Ambattur:

              In the Product Dairy, the following products are manufactured and supplied to the market for sales.

        1. Ice Cream (13 Varieties)
        2. Yoghurt
        3. Khoa
        4. Curd (3 Varieties)
        5. Butter Milk
        6. Gulab Jamun
        7. Mysorepa
        8. Dates Khoa
        9. Panner
        10. Lassi (2 Varieties)
        11. Milk Peta
        12. Chocolate

4. Milk Marketing & Product Marketing Division:

The following three marketing divisions are functioning under the corporate office, marketing unit headed by the General Manager (Mkg.).

    1. Madhavaram Marketing Division (North Division)
    2. Ambattur Marketing Division (Central Division) and
    3. Sholinganallur Marketing Division (South Division)

11,50,000 Lakh Litres average per day, milk has been procured and supplied to the Chennai City and around the Chennai

City in the form of Sachet Milk through 119 milk route vehicle from Ambattur, Madhavaram and Sholinganallur Metro Dairies.

Milk has been sold through Federation Depots, Co-operative Society Depots, AVM Unit and Whole Sale Dealers.

Milk products are sent to the market through 17 product route vehicles for sales and 3 ice cream freezer vehicles.

The Butter, Ghee, Skimmed Milk Powder, Tetra Milk, Flavoured Milk received from the various Dist. Co-op. Milk Proucers ’ Unions are also sent to market for sales through the above said product route vehicles.

The milk and milk products sales are controlled by the various Zonal Offices in Chennai City.


5.Transport Unit:

                 In  TCMPF, the activities of purchase and maintenance of milk tankers, Light Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles are dealt by the Transport Unit.

                 Milk received from the various Dist. Unions to Metro Dairies and supplied to the market for sales through milk tankers are controlled by this unit.


6.Quality Wing:

                  One  Quality Control Lab is functioning in each Dairy under the direct control of the  Joint Managing Director.

                   Checking the quality of milk and milk products right from its production till it reaches to the consumers.

                   Checking the quality of milk received from the Dist. Unions.

           Checking of quality of milk products dispatched from Products Dairy and District Unions.



7.  Dairy Cum Powder Plant   at   Ammapalayam

        The Dairy Cum Powder Plant,  Thiruvannamalai  is formed  under a total source of funds 7048 Lakhs
Handling Capacity:

Liquid Milk handling : 2.2. Lakhs / Day
         ( Type of Milk : whole Milk + Skimmed Milk)

Butter Production : 9.0 MT/Day

Skimmed Milk Powder(Agglomerated): 19 MT/Day



MANPOWER DETAILS (as on 01.06.2017)


Sl. No.

Name of Unit

No. of employees working


JMD’s Office



Ambattur Dairy



Central Dairy



Sholinganallur Dairy



Product Dairy



Marketing Unit



QC Wing



Transport Unit



DCPP T.V.Malai









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