The Dairy Development Department was established in 1958 in Tamilnadu. The administrative and statutory control over all the milk co-operatives in the State was transferred to the Dairy Development Department on 1.8.1965. The Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development was made as the functional Registrar under the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act, 1983. With the adoption of 'Anand pattern' in the State of Tamilnadu , Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation Limited was registered in the State on 1st February 1981 . The commercial activities of the Department such as Milk Procurement, Processing, Chilling, Packing and Sale of milk to the consumers etc., hitherto dealt with by the Tamilnadu Dairy Development Corporation Ltd., were transferred to the newly registered Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation Limited, popularly known as "Aavin".

The main functions of the Dairy Development Department include registration of societies, supervision and control of Primary Milk Co-operatives, District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Unions and Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd.

The Dairy Development Department exercises statutory function - like Inquiry, Inspection, Surcharge and Supersession, Appointment of Special Officers, Liquidators and Winding up of dormant Societies etc. The Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development, Deputy Milk Commissioner (Co-operation), and Deputy Registrars (Dairying) are vested with quasi-Judicial powers in respect of settlement of disputes, appeal, revision and review under various provisions of 1983 Tamilnadu Co-operative Societies Act and 1988 Tamilnadu Co-operative societies Rules made there under.

The Dairy Co-operatives in Tamilnadu are functioning on a three tier system similar to Anand Pattern of Milk Co-operatives. It operates at Village, District and State level as Milk Producers’ co-operative Societies, District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union and Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited respectively. 

The objectives of the Federation are

1) Need based action to the dairy farmers

2) Consumer friendly service to milk consumers


The Federation facilitates the village level milk producers in the economic up liftment by paying remunerative price for the milk procured, and providing necessary support and services.



1(a) For registering a Primary Milk Producers' Cooperative Society, at least 25 persons residing in the area of operation of the proposed society who own at least one milch animal each and agree to sell milk to society may join together and apply to Deputy Registrar (Dairying) of the District.

b) The proposed society complies with the requirements of sound business.

c) The proposed bye-law is in accordance with 1983 Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act and 1988 Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Rules.

d) The area of operation of the proposed society does not overlap the area of operation of another Milk Producers' Society. 

2(a) If the Deputy Registrar is satisfied, he may register the society within one hundred and twenty days from the date of receipt of application.
b) If the Deputy Registrar (Dairying) refuses to register the proposed society he shall communicate it within 120 days from the date of receipt of application.
c) Where no order of refusal is communicated within 120 days it shall be deemed to have been registered by the Deputy Registrar (Dairying) on the one hundred and twentieth day.


1. Senior Inspector of Milk of the area concerned.

2. Extension Assistant of District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union of the areas concerned.

3. Deputy Registrar (Dairying) office at District level.

4. District Cooperative Milk Producers' Unions at District level.

5. Mobile Veterinary Units of the area concerned.



Within how many days should the Deputy Registrar (Dairying) register the society from the date of receipt of application?

120 days


Within how many days should the Deputy Registrar (Dairying) refuse the Registration if the application is found incorrect?

119 days


Within how many days should the registered society commence working

90 days



a. Must reside in the area of operation of the society.

b. Must attain 18 years of age.

c. Competent to enter into contract under Section 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Central Act IX of 1872).

d. Must own milch animal and be willing to supply milk to the societies only.


1. Being a trader of milk or milk products.

2. Being adjudicated as insolvent or un discharged insolvent.

3. Having been sentenced for any offence involving moral turpitude punishable under any law with imprisonment for one year and above, provided that such sentence not having been annulled and a period of one year has not elapsed from the date of expiration of the sentence.

4. Being a paid officer or servant of the society or of its financing Bank.

5. Having been expelled from membership under Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act and a period of 3 years has not elapsed from the date of such expulsion.

6. Not having resigned from the membership of registered society and a period of one year has not elapsed from the date of such resignation.

7. Being a member of a registered society of the same class.

8. Having been sentenced for corrupt practices under Section 162 of Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act, 1983 provided that the sentences should not have been annulled on appeal or revision.

9. Having shifted members' residence permanently from the area of operation of the society.



1. Entitled to receive due price on the basis of quality of milk and as per price chart.

2. Entitled to get his milch animals artificially inseminated at a nominal charge.

3. Entitled to get supply of cattle feed at prices fixed by the Federation.

4. Entitled to receive patronage rebate for supply of milk to the society, provided the society earns net profit.

5. Entitled to receive bonus from the society provided the society earns net profit.

6. Entitled to receive weekly payment of milk cost without any deduction except 40 paise per litre as margin to the society.

7. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe members are entitled to receive 50% subsidised loan to purchase milch animals under Govt. sponsored schemes.

8. Entitled to get routine free veterinary services for milch animals, provided by District Cooperative Milk Producers Unions doctors.

9. Entitled to receive emergency services by veterinary doctors of District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union for milch animals at minimised rates.

10. Entitled to visit the society at any time during working hours to verify the transactions and accounts either by himself or any other member authorised by him.

11. Entitled to receive dividends, provided the society functions on profit.


1) Federation supplies quality milk and milk products through 18 zonal offices, 516 depots, 364 collection centres, 218 Automatic Vending machines and 110 Fibre glass Reinforced Plastic Tanks, 42 Parlours and 48 Milk Consumer Cooperative Societies to the consumers of Chennai Metro.

2) Federation caters to the needs of various categories of consumers viz. infants, pregnant / nursing mother, senior citizens and hospital patients. Services are provided to the consuming public in odd hours and through out the year in spite of Bundh, Storm, Rain.

3) Customer complaints are redressed by 24 hours Consumer Care & Support Cell located at 2, Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road , Nandanam and also through its 24 Zonal Marketing Offices in different parts of the city. The complaints can be registered in Consumer Care & Support Cell at the toll free telephone number 1800 4253300.

4) Consumer milk card delivery mechanism is strengthened by providing additional card sales outlet besides the concerned milk depot and other cooperative marketing places.

5) Need based stop supply order of milk is streamlined through simplified consumer friendly procedures and spot refund system has been introduced.

6) Benefits of cooperative milk supply chain in the brand name of “AAVIN” are extended to the bulk milk consumers like Hotels, Institutions, Colleges and Railways etc.

7) The Bulk Vending Units & FRP Units which are functioning under the control of TCMPF Ltd. has displayed the Concessionaire information at the entrance of the Units.

8) Aavin is strictly enforcing Quality Assurance in milk and milk products starting from primary level and product upto consumer level with well developed ISO and HACCP system procedure.

9) The Bulk supply of milk can be booked at Zonal Offices in 10 days in advance.

10) Aavin Milk Marketing Zonal Offices are situated in the Chennai City in 18 vital residential areas. The details of which is shown in statement “A”. 

11) The Federation expects the customers to bring to the notice of the following office/officers on any irregularity taking place, discourteous service of employees of the Federation in the distribution system.

1) Deputy General Manager 
(Consumer Care and Support Cell),
2, Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road , Nandanam, 
Toll free No:- 18004253300

2) Milk Marketing Officer,
Respective 18 Zonal offices 

3) Deputy General Manager (PPM) 
Liquid Milk Division,
3-A, Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road , Nandanam,

4) Deputy General Manager (Bulk Vending),
3-A, Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road , Nandanam, 

5) Deputy General Manager (Products),
2, Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road , Nandanam, Chennai-35.

6) Joint Managing Director,
29 & 30, Industrial Estate, 
Ambattur, Chennai-98.

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